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S508HL-14 Thermo-Hydrometer 1000-1050 : 0.5 Kg/m3 Tp.15°C - 3541LT100/15/L-qp

ASTM S508HL-14
Thermometer in the body (-20+65°C) Div : 1°C
range : 1000-1050
unit : kg/m³
div. : 0.5
accuracy : ±0.5
calibration temp. : 15 °C
surface tension : 33 mN/m
length mm : 380
in individual plastic box

Graduated in kg/m³
For Mineral Oil

NIST Traceable hydrometers.
Calibration temperature : 15°C
Reading below meniscus.
Low surface tension : 33 mN/m.

These thermos-hydrometers are exactly the same as the ones required by the standard ASTM E2995.
The thermometers are filled with a special blue organic liquid, a lot less toxic than mercury.

These thermos-hydrometers come with an individual number on the body of the instrument, they are stored in our data base, traceable to our official masters which are regularly controlled, these masters also are traceable to official standards. On the scale of the hydrometer we mention the official standard,
the calibration temperature, the surface tension, the individual number, the batch number
and our BIOTEMP® logo.

Systematically delivered with a Traceability and Conformity Certificate
On request, can be supplied with ""EU"" Traceable Calibration Certificate or ""EO"" Official Calibration Certificate

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