Equipment Catalogue

ISO 650 Hydrometer L50 1.400-1.450 : 0.0005 Sp-Gr Tp.60/60°F /ASTM 119H62 - 3502LC140/60/H-qp

Serie : L50
Range : 1.400-1.450
Unit : Sp.Gr.
Div. : 0.0005
Accuracy : ± 0.0005
Calibration temp. : 60/60 °F
Surface tension : 75 mN/m
Length mm : 335
In individual plastic box

Specific Gravity Hydrometers (Sp.Gr.)
General Purpose - 60/60°F.
MRA Traceable.
The scale of the hydrometer is fully marked with all the reference norms, the calibration temperature, the surface tension, the individual number of the instrument, the serial number and the ALLA FRANCE logo.
When a ISO 650 hydrometer has an equivalent ASTM hydrometer, both standards are printed on the back of the instrument.
With a benchmark engraved on the stem to show any displacement of the scale.
They are calibrated according to the following surface tensions:
from 0.600 to 1.000 Sp.Gr.= 16 at 35 mN/m (low tension)
from 1.000 to 1.300 Sp.Gr.= 55 mN/m (medium tension)
from 1.300 to 2.000 Sp.Gr.= 75 mN/m (high tension)
Reading below meniscus.
Systematically delivered with a Traceability and Conformity Certificate.
On request, can be supplied with ""EU"" Traceable Calibration Certificate or ""EO"" Official Calibration Certificate


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