Equipment Catalogue

IP Thermometer 16C/ASTM 10C +90+370 : 2°C - 5960.016-qp

IP 16C
Range : +90+370
Unit : °C
Div. : 2
Mercury filled
Immersion : 57 mm
Applications : High Pensky-Martens
ASTM corres. : 10C
Length mm : 290
Packaging: individual concertina box

MRA Traceable.
IP is a British Standard. These thermometers are in accordance with the specifications of the INSTITUTE OF PETROLEUM (I.P.)
They feature a special ring/hook that can be clipped on the glass, patented by Alla France (not supplied for thermometers with a diameter greater than 6.5mm)
Many I.P. thermometers correspond to the American standard A.S.T.M. If an I.P. thermometer has an equivalent A.S.T.M thermometer, both standards are printed on the back of the instrument.

Every standard thermometer has an individual number printed on the back. This number is stocked in our data base and fully traceable to our official masters, regularly controlled and traceable in over 72 countries worldwide .

Delivered with Conformity and Traceability Certificate.On request, can be supplied with "EU" Traceable Calibration Certificate or "EO"Official Calibration Certificate.

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