Equipment Catalogue

Glass thermometer+20+50°C with thermal brake - 5980T050-T-qp

BIOTEMP® thermometer for incubators
Blue liquid filled
Range : +20+50
Unit : °C
Div. : 0.5
Accuracy : ± 0.5
Immersion : Complete
Length mm : 150
Package : QP

A full line of ecological precision thermometers to preserve our environment.
A lucky four leaved clover identifies the range.

Mercury free thermometers, yellow back glass, diameter 6 - 7 mm.

Teflon coated thermometer filled with environmentally safe blue organic filling liquid, for extra security.

A high density polyethylene base houses the reservoir of the thermometer, acting as a type of thermal brake.

The instrument can be free standing or attached .

Supplied with adhesive strip and magnet, in a recyclable sturdy plastic concertina box, ideal for secure storage when not in use.

Systematically delivered with a Conformity Certificate.
On request, can be supplied with ""EU""Traceable Calibration Certificate

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