Equipment Catalogue

Draft Survey Hydrometer 0.990-1.040 : 0.0005 g/ml Tp. 15°C - 3507LC099/15-qp

Range : 0.990-1.040 (in air)
Unit : kg/l
Div. : 0,0005
Accuracy : ± 0.0005
Calibration temp. : 15°C
Surface tension : 55 mN/m
Length mm : 335
In individual plastic box


Hydrometer for determining the apparent density (in air) of seawater or fresh water.
Used for ship draft survey calculations.
Medium surface tension (55mN/m) .
Supplied with a Conformity Certificate.
On request, can be supplied with ""EU"" Traceable Calibration Certificate or ""EO"" Official Calibration Certificate

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