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Certivin - multiparameter Calibration liquid - 98200-ca

Multiparameter solutionl for wine analysis
-Volumetric Alcoholic Content (%vol)
-Relative density at 20 °C / 20°C
-Specific gravity at 20 °C (g/ml)
-Volatile acidity in acetic acid (g/L)
-Total acidity in tartaric acid (g/L)
-Total sugars in Glu + Fru (g/L)
-Malic acid (g/L)
-Gluconic Acid (g/L)
-Glycerol (g/L)
-Free sulfur dioxide (mg/L) (indicative value)

In bottle of 500 ml

Ideal for estimation of uncertainty and/or validation of traditional analytical methods, instrumentation of NIR/FTIR type, spectrophotometry, autoanalyzers and validation of instruments and own laboratory staff.

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