Equipment Catalogue

Baking thermometer-10+60°C - white sleeve - 8010B060-vr

Bakery / Milk / Wine glass Thermometer
with patented white polypropylene protective sleeve , suitable for food contact.
With patented special hook for height adjustment.
range: -10 + 60
unit: ° C
div. : 1
length mm: 340



Internal scale glass thermometers

Upper part: 20 mm x 220 mm.

Lower part: 8/10 mm. x 70 mm.

Partial immersion: 70 mm.

Red liquid filling.


Most thermometers in this range are supplied with sterilisable protection sleeves suitable for food contact.

Sterilisation can be achieved by the use of a dishwasher, except for thermometers with a maximum temperature lower than 100°C.

The manufacturing process for these thermometers, is patented in the 27 countries of Europe, the USA and China.

The new grey polyamid and white polypropylene sleeves with hooks have all been patented in the European Union, the USA and China.

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