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ASTM S560HL-14 Hydrometer 89-101 : 0.1°API Tp.60/60°F - 3431TP089/60/L-qp

API S560HL-14
With BLUE LIQUID thermometer in the body
0+150 °F div.2°F for Low temperatures
Range : 89-101
Unit : °API
Div. : 0.1
Accuracy : ± 0.1
Calibration temp. : 60/60°F
Surface tension : 33 mN/m
Length mm : 387
In individual plastic box

In API degree
For Mineral Oil
NIST, MRA, GOST traceable
Calibration temperature : 60°F ( 15.6°C)
Reading below meniscus.
Low surface tension : between 16 and 35 mN/m.

These hydrometers are manufactured according to the American standards from the last ASTM E2995 Committee of the AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR TESTING AND MATERIAL
their thermometer is filled with a BLUE SPIRIT much less toxic than mercury.

***References called ""SIMILAR to API"" are not yet considered in the ASTM standard , however, are made to the customer's request ***

The scale of the hydrometer is fully marked with all the reference norms, the calibration temperature, the surface tension, the individual number of the instrument and our BIO-TEMP® logo.

A benchmark is engraved on the stem to show any displacement of the scale.

Systematically delivered with a Traceability and Conformity Certificate
On request, can be supplied with "EU" Traceable Calibration Certificate or "EO"Official Calibration Certificate


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