Equipment Catalogue

ASTM Hydrometer 314H62 750-800 : 0.5 Kg/m3 Tp.15°C - 3530LC075/15-qp

Range : 750-800
Unit : kg/m³
Div. : 0.5
Accuracy : ±0.5
Calibration temp. : 15 °C
Surface tension : 25 mN/m
Length mm : 330
In individual plastic box

Graduated in kg/m³
For Mineral Oil
NIST Traceable hydrometers.
Calibration temperature : 15°C
Reading below meniscus.
Low surface tension : between 16 and 35 mN/m.

These hydrometers are manufactured according to the American standards from the last ASTM E100 Committee of the AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR TESTING AND MATERIAL.
The scale of the hydrometer is fully marked with all the reference norms, the calibration temperature, the surface tension, the individual number of the instrumenand the ALLA FRANCE logo.

A benchmark is engraved on the stem to show any displacement of the scale.

Systematically delivered with a Traceability and Conformity Certificate
On request, can be supplied with ""EU"" Traceable Calibration Certificate or ""EO"" Official Calibration Certificate


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